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International Congress for Central Sterilization, Columbia

15. 09. 2009

We participated in the V Congreso Nacional de Centrales de Esterilización (International Congress for Central Sterilization) which was held in Bucaramanga, Columbia, in mid August. This Congress has a relatively long-standing tradition in Columbia and it presents interesting opportunities when it comes to establishing new business relations with the key representatives of hospitals and also personnel who specialize in central sterilization. BMT participated in this year’s Congress together with C4 Group, a local company. The Congress went hand-in-hand with an exhibition and we presented a Sterivap HP steam sterilizer promotion panel at C4 Group’s stand. A Sterivap HP E 666-2 ED steam sterilizer and four more rival sterilizers were presented in the material packing section in the virtual central sterilization facility erected by the organizer of the Congress. We further supported our very active presentations by two commercially oriented lectures that were given in the side congress halls and two thematically oriented lectures in the main congress hall.

Congress for Central Sterilization, Columbia