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International Congress STERIL.CZ –with our participation again

In the end of 2014, the anniversary 10th International Congress STERIL CZ was held in the Congress Centre BVV in Brno under patronage of the Minister of Health of the CR, Head of the South Moravian Regional Office and director of the Faculty Hospital in Brno. The traditional education and social event is organised by the Czech Association for Sterilization with annual organization and program participation of the department of Central Sterilization, Faculty Hospital Brno. Approximately 280 visitors from the Czech republic and Slovakia participated in the event this year. 46 contractual partners of CSS had their presentations – the companies manufacture, import or sell health care means or products and goods related to technologies of de-contamination, disinfection or sterilization of the health care means. The two-day program included presentations of 25 expert statements, 8 of which were presented by foreign authors from Belgium, Columbia, United Kingdom and Slovakia.

BMT Medical Technology s.r.o. presented in its own stand and through the lecture of Ing. Zdenek Švéda called Sterilization Validation. Based on approval by authors, most of the statements will be published on CSS web sites, in the e-magazine Nové vademecum sterilizace / New Sterilization Vademecum. All the congress participants appreciated presence and presentation of 46 company partners of the CSS. The congress events were held on high levels and they represented a source of information and new contacts for the congress participants. The presentation premises in the secondary congress hall and full tables with company materials annually create a small Brno fair of all and any subjects that are necessary and needed at sterilization work sites.


06. 01. 2015