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Interphex 2022

After a long break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was held once again the traditional, US- largest exhibition of production technologies, specialized equipment and instrumentation and laboratory technology for the pharmaceutical industry INTERPHEX 2022 at the Jacob Javits Exhibition Center in New York on 24-26 May 2022.

In the past, this exhibition brought us not only new contacts and spread information about the offer of our devices, but also new orders. That is why we decided to order exhibition area of the same size this year as in previous years, and at the same time we managed to get the stand to the most visited part of the hall, where prestigious manufacturers and supply companies are located. The location of our stand and the decision to participate in this exhibition proved to be correct on the first day.

In an effort to minimize the costs associated with exhibitions in the US, our subsidiary has in the past purchased its own equipment for the construction of the stand, with which sales managers are able to completely assemble the stand in about 1.5 days and prepare it for customer visits.

Unfortunately, due to still quite strong influence of COVID-19 in the USA (allegedly about 20 thousand new cases a day in New York at that time and it was possible to get a test for free in many streets) it was not possible to continue our tradition of attracting experts to visit our stand with freshly prepared and very popular chocolate "Cookies" in VENTICELL® 22 together with a cup of coffee.
However, the coffee machine at the stand was allowed and colleagues from BMT USA replaced our favourite "Cookies" with the same already ready-made "Cookies" in a one-piece package. This variant also completely fulfilled its role and pleased many of our and passing customers.

And what was the main magnet of our exhibition? As the main exhibit, we have prepared for our customers an electrically heated super pure steam generator for the pharmaceutical industry, with a generator container developed and manufactured in our company. This proprietary product of BMT USA, LLC is has already been successfully introduced to the American market in various sizes for steam or electric heating. As usual, the design of the generator gained appraisal, its evaluation from customers was very positive, so it constantly aroused the interest of potential customers at our stand.

Directly at the exhibition, colleagues from BMT USA managed to finalize 2 pending tenders for final signing and sign orders for more than 1,300,000 USD! It was apparent that after a long break caused by COVID-19, customers are again very interested in direct personal contact, exchange of information and news in our offer.

The area of ​​the exhibition was about 20% smaller than in the last year before COVID-19, but like us, all our main competitors on the American market also took part in the exhibition.

The colleagues from BMT USA were pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of new contacts. The continuation of negotiations with a Brazilian partner on establishing close cooperation not only in the pharmaceutical industry but also in healthcare also seems to be very promising.

We again used the exhibition to deepen personal contacts, training and technical consultations with our local dealers.

The territory of the USA is very large. A functional and active sales network, supported by efficient service together with a growing number of references, are therefore essential prerequisites for future sales success.
I believe that some of the negotiations will soon turn into new orders and help further sales growth and success of our subsidiary BMT USA, LLC.

30. 06. 2022