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Klaudián´s Hospital in Mladá Boleslav

Last year, the Klaudián´s Hospital in Mladá Boleslav received money for reconstruction of the central sterilization unit thanks to the project of the Integrated Regional Operational Program.

With regard to the fact that the entire hospital depends on central sterilization, the operation of this department could not be interrupted during the construction works. The sterilization department was temporarily moved to the abandoned building of the original hospital kitchen for several months. The premises of the former kitchen building were modified to meet the hygienic requirements for the temporary operation of substitute sterilization. Thanks to this, the reconstructed central sterilization could be suitably modified with regard to the new modern technology.

Our role as a general contractor was to supply the central sterilization equipment. Among the devices that were purchased from EU funds were, among others, two of our steam sterilizers with the capacity of 600 litres, a plasma sterilizer, two washing and disinfecting machines with a capacity of 15 trays, an ultrasonic tool cleaner and a water treatment plant. The acquired technologies were connected to the information system for the documentation of processes at the central sterilization department. This department of the hospital ensures not only the preparation of instruments for the operating theatres, but also all other departments of the hospital and private medical and non-medical entities in the hospital's catchment area. After the surgery, the instruments are transported back to the central sterilization department, where they are decontaminated and washed in washing disinfectors. Subsequently, everything is sterilized mainly in steam sterilizers, where approximately 25 sterilization cycles take place daily, which is about 85 containers with operating instruments. The total cost of the acquisition of new devices for central sterilization were CZK 29 million.

The history of the hospital dates back to 1896, when the first surgical and infectious diseases pavilion was opened. In 1993, the hospital adopted the name of the medieval physician Mikoláš Klaudián. Three years later, the hospital premises were unified, and the decisive construction of the inpatient part of the surgery began. Since January 2003, the hospital has been a part of the Central Bohemian Region, which is its founder.

At the present time, the hospital presents itself with frequent professional successes. The last of these is, for example, the commissioning of the unique and first simulator of a Škoda Auto passenger car in a hospital facility. Since February this year, it has been used for practical training of boarding-on by patients after hip or knee surgery and people with limited mobility. The main intention was to ensure faster adaptation of patients to everyday life and to simplify their everyday activities associated with the use of a car. The simulator is unique in the Czech Republic. It was inspired by an experience gained from the USA.


18. 03. 2024