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Looking back at ARAB HEALTH 2012

1. 2. 2012

As is the case every year, from 23rd till 26th 2012, we took part in the joint MMM Group exposition, which featured at the international healthcare trade fair Arab Health 2012, held in Dubai, the principal commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates.

Unlike previous years, we managed to get a place in Hall 3 for the first time, which is one of the most significant halls at the trade fair in terms of attendance. We also expanded our exposition and it took immediate effect in the presentation of our group. In terms of attendance, it was one of the most successful Dubai exhibitions in MMM Group’s history while the contacts we gained were also of a higher quality. As has been the case in the past, the most frequented group of visitors comprised delegations from hospitals and ministries in Saudi Arabia brought to our stand by our Saudi partner.

There were also a great many visitors from other countries in the Middle East and Central Asia, both potential customers and persons interested in cooperating with us and representing the MMM Group in the region. Just to give you an idea of the countries visitors came from, these included the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Palestine, and other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Successful models sold by the MMM Group were presented at the exposition, particularly the steam sterilizer Selectomat PL and the imitation of the Sterivap HP steam sterilizer control system. These instruments attracted the greatest interest from customers. But attention was also paid to the steam sterilizer Unisteri HP 636, which was presented for the first time ever in this size at an international exhibition.. With regard to the positive response, it can be expected that the new series of steam sterilizers Unisteri HP will have a very positive impact on sales within the entire MMM Group.

It would be wrong to leave out the automatic washing machine Uniclean SL here either; it is characterized by its simple use and a wide range of functions for central sterilization. Combined with other pieces of equipment such as the ultrasonic washer Ultramatic, welding machine Steripack, formaldehyde sterilizer Formomat as well as stainless furniture, which were presented through leaflets, it forms a comprehensive range of equipment for central sterilization and as such ranks us as one of the few world manufacturers that can offer customers a comprehensive range of services for its products.

The last MMM Group product to be presented at our stand was the software application Ecosoft, which is used in hospitals for documenting sterilization processes. Although in Europe it is still a relatively new product that keeps developing, in some countries within the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia this kind of customer service is already required, and at such a high quality exceeding that of the European standard in many aspects.

The positive results of this year’s trade fair should soon take effect also in an increasing number of orders which could be a great benefit for the economic situation within our company, particularly during a time when possible economic crisis is looming.