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Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem

During February of this year, one of the largest implementations of recent times was completed, called "Renovation of the Equipment in the Central Sterilization Department II., Including Building Modifications" at the Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem.

In addition to the supply of equipment in the scope of 3 pcs of Sterivap 6612-2 FD steam sterilizer, 3 pcs of Steelco PWD 8626 washer disinfectors and 1 piece of Miele PG 8592 washer disinfector, our delivery also included a complete construction reconstruction of inadequate premises of the central sterilization, including a change in the building layout, ceiling and floor replacements.

These works included project activities, coordination of all construction trades and, last but not least, coordination of the continuity of technology supplies with a total value exceeding CZK 20 million (approx. 842 000 Euro).

The completed project was a small general rehearsal for the following months, when the reconstruction of the second central sterilization I. in the Masaryk Hospital, which is more than twice as large, will be implemented.

In addition to Ústí nad Labem, our devices are installed at central sterilization units in Teplice, Most, Chomutov, Litoměřice and Děčín. After the completion of this delivery, it will be the last of the large central sterilizations, which we lacked before reaching 100% success in the hospitals of Krajská zdravotní a.s., which unites the hospitals of the Ústí Region.


13. 03. 2023