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Modernization of Sterilization Technologies in VFN Praha

VFN Praha (General University Hospital in Prague) is ranked among the largest health care facilities in the Czech Republic. It provides basic, specialized and very specialized medical, nursing, outpatient and diagnostic care for children and adults in all basic medical fields. It also provides comprehensive pharmaceutical care, including the technologically complicated preparation of cytostatics and sterile medicinal preparations. The General University Hospital in Prague with its headquarters in Karlovo náměstí, Prague, was established thanks to Emperor Joseph II. in 1781.

Historically, even our company co-operates with the health care facility, gradually replacing even steam sterilizers that do not meet current legislative requirements any more. It is not always so easy to perform such a replacement of engineering due to the fact that the hospital is located in listed buildings. For example our recent supply in July of this year: it was our task to arrange supply of the STERIVAP® HP 669-2 ED sterilizer to the Clinic of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the 1st Faculty of medicine, Charles University and the General faculty Hospital in Prague, being one of the largest of its kind in the CR and in Europe. The transport of the device was to be performed through a hole in the bearing wall, with maximal width of 950 mm. It was a real challenge that we finally managed without any mistake. At the present time, the work site uses not only the new steam sterilizer STERIVAP® 669-2 ED,but also the steam sterilizer STERIVAP® HP 666-1 ED, supplied three years ago. The plans include supply of a device with the volume of 600 litres, which will undoubtedly represent another challenge.

14. 10. 2015