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New Central Sterilization in the University Hospital with Polyclinic in Nové Zámky

More and more often, BMT devices and their successes appear on TV screens, in reports or articles. This time, our STERIVAP® steam sterilizers, which were part of a report on the newly reconstructed central sterilization in the Slovak University Hospital with Polyclinic in Nové Zámky (hereinafter referred to as FNsP NZ), got on the screens of TV JOJ.

The report showed the complete operation of central sterilization step by step, thanks to which viewers could look at places they would not normally get to.

Reconstructed Premises of the Central Sterilization Department

The premises and services of the Central Sterilization Department were put on hold in 2021 due to their reconstruction. "We are really very pleased by this change, which will bring more efficient work and better services,"added MUDr. Karel Hajnovič, director of FNsP NZ.

During the reconstruction, the Central Sterilization Department of FNsP NZ underwent construction modifications and instrument modernization. The central sterilization premises include the reception of non-sterile material, instrument washroom, setting room, auxiliary material warehouse, laboratory, sterile material warehouse, sterile material dispensing, staff filter. The reconstruction also included the replacement of old devices with new ones.

3 steam and 2 formaldehyde sterilizers are newly installed in the department. "By replacing the devices, an efficient sterilization cycle and the quality of the sterilization process are ensured. The reconstruction work took place during uninterrupted operation, but part of the external activity had to be limited,” added PhDr. Mgr. Lívia Kollárová, PhD., Head Nurse of the Central Sterilization in FNsP NZ.

The Central Sterilization Department forms part of the common examination and treatment units of the FNsP NZ. The task of the department is to ensure a continuous supply of all inpatient, non-inpatient and outpatient sections of FNsP NZ and some non-state medical facilities with the required amount of sterile medical supplies and medical devices. The department's tasks also include ensuring the required quality and adequate level of decontamination, disinfection and sterilization in order to prevent nosocomial infections and concentrating instrumentation in pre-sterilization preparation, disinfection, sterilization and control into one organizational unit and ensuring its effective use.

article and photographs source:
11. 05. 2022