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New Generation ECO line Control System Implemented

05. 04. 2008

New STANDARDLINE control panel Over the past year our factory engineers have designed a new control system based on customer requests dramatically expanding its versatility.  Finally we can introduce the first prototype control system in December 2007 and after testing and certification of quality we have launched this new control system into production starting March 2008.

All Standard models purchased after the first of March will be already equipped with the new generation control system.  The design of the system enables much quicker processor reaction is less sensitive for power surge, but the main advantages are full compatibility with the new data software Warmcomm 3.0, and the addition of an electronic safety thermostat (in place of mechanical safety thermostat) and the ability to add multiple external data inputs (additional PT sensor, pressure sensor….)  for more exact and more comprehensive process evaluation and control.


Electronic safety thermostat

  • Precise safety temperature control
  • User friendly – safety temperature displayed on front panel
  • Easy to check at any time

PT sensor flexible in chamber

  • Connection of up to 3 sensors
  • On-line values on display
  • Data print table to optional printer
  • Transferable data to PC with WarmComm Option

Vacuum display on Standard Control possible (optional feature)

  • Pressure data reporting on display, printer or WarmComm now available with Standard Controller
  • Fully Compatible with WarmComm 3.0
  • Enables use of all features and upates of WarmComm 3.0 (older Standard Controls require WarmComm 2.2) (please note, the new control system is NOT compactible with the previous data monitoring version Warmcomm 2,X