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New option for cooling incubators CLIMACELL and FRIOCELL

No ice… forever

New option feature for long term testing applications for the FRIOCELL® and CLIMACELL®,this new option COOLING PLUS is now available (retrofitting of a device is not possible).

This new feature prevents the occurrence of frost on the cooling coils. The cooling media is reversed periodically (every 6 hours) which changes the temperature of the cooling coil conditions not allowing the creation of frost on the coil. The secondary effect is a stable atmosphere, where the samples are not dried, like in other cooling chambers. This new system is an optimized factory fit. No aftermarket design with placement on the side of the chamber. This carefully engineered design has been extensively tested real conditions. The results are impressive: No ice after 782 hours at 5°C.

Typical conditions and recommendations for the appropriate supporting system:


Combination of Cooling plus and Automatic defrost system is not available.

14. 06. 2022