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New Sterilizers for the Hospital and Policlinics in Havířov

7. 8. 2012

The largest investment of this year was the purchase of sterilizers for the department of central sterilisation in the Hospital and Policlinics in Havířov . There were replaced two large-volume (600 l) steam sterilizers and one formaldehyde sterilizer with volume of 110 l.

In this way there were replaced the devices that met all the statutory regulations, but the total sum for service of the devices exceeded 300 thous. CZK per year due to the age and amortisation of the equipment.

92 % of the purchase price paid by the EU, the remaining part from the budget of the Moravian – Silesian Region. The whole process of installation was highly demanding due to the fact that the whole hospital is dependent on central sterilisation department operation and in fact it can not be switched off. Due to this reason, sterilisation was performed in Třinec Hospital for the time of devices installation.

On 23. 5. 2012, the newly reconstructed central sterilisation department with instrumentation (2x STERIVAP HP 6612-2 and 1x FORMOMAT PL 349-2) was officially handed over in the presence of representatives of the Moravian – Silesian Region, the town of Havířov and the technology supplier - the company BMT Medical Technology s.r.o.