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Our BMT USA branch is a solid pillar in the USA and Canada

Our subsidiary BMT USA, LLC has been our solid and highly successful base in the United States and Canada for many years. Thanks to their production, sales and service activities, we have already sold more than 300 STERIVAP® and UNISTERI® steam sterilizers and more than 200 pressure chambers for steam sterilizers to the USA and Canada, which we manufacture according to individual customer requirements directly at BMT USA in Monroe, WA, about 40 miles from the Washington state capital, Seattle. Sales of our laboratory dryers and incubators are also developing very successfully. In particular, our new ECO and EVO series have reached many top customers over the last two years and are successfully complementing our range of devices on the market.

Our American colleagues are also very creative and are successfully developing their business in the market. In addition to steam sterilizers, many years ago they added clean and superpure steam generators for laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry, which already work for more than 150 customers. An interesting application is their use for ecological sterilization of stainless steel beer kegs before their refilling in several American breweries. In addition to this activity, they also managed to develop cooperation with a company producing automatically controlled meat processing systems.

Thanks to the gradual increase in the number of employees and the growing annual turnover, BMT USA is already our largest subsidiary. Even in the USA, our company is one of the most successful suppliers on the market. We have already secured orders for almost the entire first half of 2022, which is an important element of stability and success for BMT USA's operations in the forthcoming year.

The most important market segment in the USA for us are supplies for special laboratories, animal entities and pharmaceutical companies, including the world's most famous manufacturers of drugs and vaccines. Our most expensive steam sterilizer sold so far was a nearly $ 1 million piece, made to highly-demanding customer specifications. Customers in the USA have specific requirements and thus often create very interesting and unique device designs, such as our steam sterilizer, which allows the implementation in a chamber of conventional steam sterilization, sterilization process in a mixture of steam and sterile air (air-Mix) and superheated water sterilization process with the temperature of 121 °C. Two customers have already ordered this interesting and unique combination.

Thanks to close cooperation with BMT, the activity of all BMT USA employees and success in the American market, we managed to close last year with the planned positive economic result, and in 2022 we expect further successful development of BMT USA with a number of new interesting orders.

12. 01. 2022