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Our Company Thinks of the Environment, We Obtained the ISO 14001 Certification

We are very well aware of the fact that our activities affect the environment directly by activities in the premises of the company as well as through our products. More, our company as the only industrial enterprise in the centre of Brno faces the sight of control authorities, public and media. Our competitors do not sleep as well and they try to apply environment protection procedures that are consequently required even in tenders and requirements of clients.

Due to the above stated reasons we decided to establish and then to certify the principles of environmental management (EMS) according to international standard ISO 14001 last year.All the plans and necessary tasks that must be performed for certification purposes passed into practice in full. Nowadays, all the employees carefully sort the waste every day, there is being performed stock taking and listing of all and any chemical substances, the methods of such substances handling, cleaning of work sites from the EMS point of view, etc.Practical management of basic requirements of the standard lead to successful certification of the ISO 14001 system in June.

It is very important for us for the clients to perceive us as a strong unit, thinking of the future and benefits of the environment. Automatically, these activities are connected with mission of our products – to make the world a better and healthier place.

We protect human health and the environment as well.

1. 07. 2014