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Our Heating Technology Being a Star of TV Screens

One of the brief and perhaps somewhat unconventional looks back at last year may include balancing the success of our devices in the field of media. Heating technology even played some smaller role on Czech television screens, where, in addition to being cast in the traditional medical environment, it also played an important role in programs about top-notch and very interesting research.

1. WANDERING THROUGH THE CZECH FUTURE (TOULKY ČESKEM BUDOUCNOSTI) on ČT 1 - a program about the company CONTIPRO, which deals, among other things, with nanotechnologies for use in tissue engineering, for wound healing and for targeted drug distribution. STERICELL® Komfort came to the screen.

2. MAIN NEWS (UDÁLOSTI): ČT 1 - VENTICELL® ECO, acquired by the Czech University of Agriculture, played its role in the main news program. The University conducts research on "extinct" but frozen multicellular organisms that lived on Earth more than 20,000 years ago together with mammoths. At that time, they froze in Siberia, and today they are part of the so-called permafrost, i.e. eternally frozen soil that has been melting in recent years due to global warming. The samples of organisms come from the depth of 3m and the CUA laboratory revived in 2021 the multicellular animal Pijavenka, which spent about 24,000 years in the state of cryptobiosis in Siberia and revived after thawing (cryptobiosis is an ametabolic state of life entered by some simpler organisms in response to adverse environmental conditions, e.g. frost). The scientists are now wondering why the Pijavenka "survived" frozen for 24,000 years without its cells to suffer any damage. In general, freezing causes ice crystals to grow inside the cells and subsequently the cells are destroyed.

3. The same shots with the STERICELL® Komfort device were used in two different reports on ČT 1 - EVENTS IN THE REGIONS (UDÁLOSTI V REGIONECH ) (BRNO) and then in MAIN NEWS (UDÁLOSTI). In the first case, it was a report about the lack of dentists, in the second, more extensive on a similar topic, the difficulty of finding a dentist nationwide.

4. WEEKEND (VÍKEND): NOVA - The Brno research centre CEITEC uses our INCUCELL® ECO for nano-robots research. So far, scientists have a problem controlling them. In the future, nano-robots should destroy micro-plastics in oceans, treat cancer and also deal with coronavirus or tooth decay.

The year 2022 will probably be different again, negatively affected as the previous two. We will continue to struggle with the shortage of some materials and parts in world markets. In that positive sense, however, the year 2022 is different for heating technology today, with a large number of customers waiting for the production of their devices. So, the number of orders reached a historic record at the beginning of the year.

28. 02. 2022