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Our Sterilizers help in Serbian Hospital in Arandjelovac within the scope of the CRA Project

19. 11. 2012

The seminar held on 12 October in the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Serbian Belgrade, with participation of the Czech ambassador and representatives of the Serbian Ministry of health, closed the project of supply of our two autoclaves STERIVAP HP E supported by the Czech Development Agency (CRA).

The whole project started approximately one year ago, when the hospital in Serbian town of Arandjelovac got information on possible help from the Czech Republic and lodged an application for reconstruction of central sterilization unit to the Czech Development Agency through the Czech Republic Embassy in Belgrade. The Czech development Agency approved the project and started the selection proceedings for the supply of sterilization equipment for the hospital in Arandjelovac. This was the first project of this kind for our company and that is why we invited experienced external partners for preparation of demanding tender documentation.

Consequently, our offer was evaluated as the best one and a contract was signed at the beginning of the year. There started the production of two steam sterilizers STERIVAP HP E 666-2 ED. The devices including all and any accessories were supplied at the beginning of June and the operation of our devices started at the beginning of July.

Approximately eighty representatives of hospital from various parts of Serbia participated in October seminar aimed at support of Czech manufacturers of medical engineering. Even though five different Czech companies participated in the seminar, the motivation for the event was the finishing of the project in Arandjelovac. The hospital representatives were given a chance to present the results reached and our engineering assessment was more than positive.

According to the opinion of Dr. Gordana Gajovič, co-ordinator of the project of re-construction within the scope of the hospital, the staff of central sterilization unit is really charmed with our autoclaves STERIVAP HP E and they really sound their prises about them. It is very nice to get positive responses to our engineering functionality directly from clients and it is even more pleasant to hear such words in the presents of eighty other potential clients.

The project of help of the Czech development Agency to Serbia is over this year, but new territories were set for the following two or three years, where local hospitals may ask for help from the Czech state. The most interesting destinations undoubtedly include such territories as Georgia or Mongolia, where we already have our representations that could significantly support the projects. In case of the local hospitals to show their interest in support from the Czech Republic, we will have a chance to take advantage of the experience obtained in Serbia and in other projects in other countries.