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PITTCON 2024 – the most important conference of analytical chemistry

Pittcon, held this year in San Diego, California, has always been about connecting scientists from around the world and facilitating the exchange of research – especially when it comes to the most pressing issues affecting our world, such as PFAS (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated substances). This year, speakers also focused on forensic analysis, artificial intelligence, biopharmaceuticals and many other topics. The conference celebrated its 75th anniversary this year and many participants reminisced about Pittcon's past, whether at the Pittcon Party celebrations or at lectures by award-winning colleagues.

The MMM Group has been participating in this event for 22 years, except for the two years of the covid break. Sales activities on the American continent also date back to this time. Since then, following a lot of experience with distribution by proxy, we have managed to open not only our own, now very successful and established, BMT USA branch, but also to strengthen its position in the Latin American markets. PITTCON is a traditional spring opportunity to meet and strengthen relationships with existing partners, but also a place to establish new relationships with both business partners and end customers.

Our subsidiary BMT USA, which covers the participation of MMM Group, has introduced a new, elegant exhibition that our employees are able to build themselves in order to save costs and simply assemble and send to the next exhibition in the USA after the event. An important factor in the success was also the excellent central location of the exposition, which, despite the large exhibition area, really could not be missed. For this, we would like to thank our American colleagues Scott Noteboom and Rick Elison, who always carefully ensure participation in this and other American conferences.

During the week of the exhibition, we met, whether at the exhibition centre or at accompanying parallel events, not only distributors from the USA, but also partners from Turkey, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and Chile. At the same time, we discussed a number of ongoing projects with colleagues from the USA and, for example, with existing representatives from Mexico, the company Inolab, representing the steam sterilization division, and RG Laboratorios, the largest seller of our heating technology. Last but not least, we also used the meeting for internal training of our American colleagues and mutual exchange of business and technical experience within the MMM Group.

Despite the overall smaller size of the conference, the MMM Group managed to use our participation to 100%. After one week, we returned from the fair with a good feeling and a positive outlook on this year's business results both in steam sterilization and in heating technology on the American continent.


20. 03. 2024