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Protecting Human Health

The hardest period of the COVID 19 pandemic is over. The decisive factor for success was the personal responsibility of each of us in strict compliance with all preventive measures announced by the Government of the Czech Republic. The past period was an example of successful teamwork and creativity of all the employees of our company. At the beginning of the pandemic, the situation in most departments was exciting and difficult, for example, the effort to ensure a sufficient amount of disinfectants, missing components and materials for production or to ensure own production of parts and assembly of devices. Our IT specialists were the guarantors of fast and safe transfer of part of the employees to work from home in the period of the highest risk, the employees of internal services ensuring increased protection of employees by intensive disinfection in the entire company premises. We also managed to ensure uninterrupted operation of production. However, it was not won even when the devices were manufactured and ready for shipment. Finding and securing a carrier capable of delivering our goods to a customer abroad at the required time at a given time was also very challenging.

Our products and services, although indirectly, have also put us in the active fight against the COVID 19 virus pandemic, and our customers, who have been eagerly awaiting the delivery of our devices, believed that we would not disappoint them. Such as our customer from Saudi Arabia, for whom a supply of equipment for the central sterilization department in hospitals for more than 2.8 million Euro took place during this challenging period.

Thanks to the established preventive measures and active approach, we managed to prevent the spread of the disease in our company and it was possible to continue work on orders and deliver all ordered devices to our customers in healthcare, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies not only in the Czech Republic but also in many other countries of the world on time.

Through joint efforts, in such a challenging period of the first quarter of the year, we managed to produce and deliver orders that customers were already waiting for, thus gaining a good starting position for a successful 2020. For the first time in our lives, we had to face such an unknown, unexpected and dangerous threat together. Now that the dramatic situation has significantly improved, stabilized and a gradual process of returning to normal life is already underway, we are pleased to say that we have managed it very well together.


05. 06. 2020