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Sale of Steam Sterilization in China

From the point of view of sterilization, the China market starts to be interesting for us at the moment when we 15 years ago successfully finished registration of pressure equipment manufacture for China. Then we started our co-operation with our business partner, the company Alit, which had represented us in the field of thermal equipment just earlier.

As the company Alit grown, there continued even the growth of steam sterilizers sale. Our clients in China include prestigious pharmaceutical companies like e.g. Bayer, Wyeth, B Braun, Novo Nordisk or Covidien. Our regular client is the Chinese pharmaceutical company WuxiApptec. Our most important reference by now is the supply of sterilizers for the pharmaceutical manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim, purchasing in total 19 large steam sterilizers assembled in Brno and in the BMT USA for its 2 Chinese production plants. Mainly thanks to that reference there significantly increase our chances for success in projects for industry and laboratories.

In 2015 we received orders for the total number of 27 large steam sterilizers from Chine, while this year we have received orders for 15 large steam sterilizers by now.

16. 08. 2016