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Salon International du Medicament et de l`Equipement Medical, Algiers

June 7, 2010

SIMEM AlgeriaThe 13th Salon International du Medicament et de l`Equipement Medical international healthcare exhibition was held in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria, on 21-24 April 2010. The exhibition was attended by more than 170 exhibitors from 27 countries, including the Czech Republic. The inbound flights of the exhibitors, in particular, but also visitors, were in the end very much affected by the activity of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Many people interested in attending the exhibition found it impossible to fly to Algeria. Volcanic ash and cancelled flights resulted in BMT representatives also not attending the exhibition. We exhibited our sterilization products at a local partner’s stand, namely that of A.M.C.I. Our exposition was dominated by big steam sterilizer STERIVAP HP E 666-2, which is currently also our sales supporting product in Algeria. As import to Algeria is difficult, our local business partner purchases sterilizers to stock and then gradually sells them off. A.M.C.I. is BMT’s only business partner who buys and sells big steam sterilizers in this way. Apart from the big steam sterilizer, A.M.C.I. also exhibited the UNISTERI 336-1 steam sterilizer and the STERIPACK 85 heat sealer by MMM GmbH. Both our business partner and our customers in Algeria are happy with our products. This is supported by yet another purchase order for six STERIVAP HP E 666-2 sterilizers placed shortly after the close of the Algerian exhibition.




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