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Specific Use of Heating Technology Devices not only in Healthcare and Pharmacy

Our laboratory incubators and ovens are reliable devices not only for healthcare, laboratories and pharmacy, but they also find their inseparable application in many areas of industrial production. Let's briefly show a few interesting projects and applications, where the main role play our devices in the field of heating technology, specially modified for the given purposes.


How about drinking good cocoa, i.e. well and untraditionally processed cocoa beans. Our partner in Indonesia has recently asked us to consult directly with a customer who processes cocoa beans, containing a number of raw substances – beneficial for humans - in the raw state, but being destroyed by drying and roasting. The customer is researching the gentle processing of cocoa beans and would like to use our CLIMACELL® for this drying. We held a teleconference directly with Singapore, where we provided important answers to questions and at the same time learned interesting information about the processing of cocoa beans. We are therefore working intensively to ensure that devices from Brno contribute to a change in drying technology and that cocoa and chocolate retain more of its valuable nutrients.


Similarly, many CLIMACELL® device projects begin with inquiries about seaweed drying. This involves similar research and problem in developing the drying technology so that algae retain as many vitamins, proteins, enzymes and minerals as possible even after drying. Algae help in lowering the cholesterol level in blood and are used to prevent diseases of civilization. The last questions came, for example, from the Portuguese Institute for Ocean and Atmospheric Research.


CLIMACELL® is also suitable for research and qualitative evaluation of concrete. This is a slightly different calibre, especially in terms of weight, and for these cases we have prepared a reinforced chamber with a special frame or carts (the customer needs to place in the chamber 4 pieces of sample measuring 600 × 450 × 100 mm).


The CLIMACELL® incubator is also a very good helper in this area, it also needs certain modifications, especially the special protection of the RH sensor.


We have already modified FRIOCELL® several times for use in the laboratories of wastewater treatment plants. They use it for slow drying and storage of samples, which have their specific aroma, which needs to be removed with a suitable technical solution so that it does not penetrate into the laboratory. Now the customer wanted to dry the horse manure in the VENTICELL® device. The problem is that the competing device, although made of stainless steel, rusted in about two years, thanks to aggressive components, especially urea. As a solution, it is possible to provide the chamber with a protective coating similar to the DUROCELL® device. If, like us, you ask yourself what a customer needs dried horse manure for, then know that it is used in the preparation of a substrate for growing mushrooms.


Another customer addressed us again after a bad experience with competing products, when during the process of curing the resin at elevated temperatures, the copper and tinned part of the component oxidizes. We have designed a custom-made VENTICELL® EVO with a protective nitrogen atmosphere for the customer, which should prevent unwanted oxidation of components under certain conditions.


We have connected our devices to laboratory insulators many times, so far these have been INCUCELL®, VENTICELL®, STERICELL® of smaller volumes. We are currently designing and developing a process for drying and sterilizing powders in a vacuum and consequent filling the chamber with a protective atmosphere with the device connected to an insulator.

08. 11. 2021