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Strengthening of the Heating Technology Position in Mexico

Like ours, Mexico's economy suffered from lockdowns, business closures and the impossibility of business meetings or service technician visits during the pandemic. Although the Mexican culture is a bit more benevolent than the European one, the restrictions were reflected in the economic results on all sides.

Both with our customers - distributors, and with end consumers. After the end of the pandemic, i.e. around the middle of 2022, the economy begins to slowly wake up and pharmaceutical companies, companies from the cosmetic and food industries start to prepare postponed projects again. In addition to this, there has also been a large increase in the priority of research in the fields of drugs and preparations, whether preventive or follow-up care.

Our current Mexican partners, thanks to their daily support and great efforts of the production departments to increase capacity and shorten delivery times, ordered a record number of pieces of heating technology products this year and have already sold a large part of them without much difficulty. It is also interesting that our branch in the USA also participates in sales to Mexico. For fast deliveries, where there is no possibility of waiting for long months for delivery from Brno, the heating technology products are often delivered directly from the warehouse in Monroe.

In the second half of October this year in Gualajara and Mexico City, we organized a program of meetings with current and new distributors and independent technicians, for the first time since the pandemic. Every day, whether officially or informally, we met and renewed the good relations interrupted by the pandemic.

One of the key points was a day-long conference on "Heating Technology and Its Applications" at the World Trade Centre in Mexico City. Our strongest partner, RG Laboratorios, organized it for cooperating distributors in the dignified environment of the WTC, and during the six-hour long program, our staff introduced over forty participants to the details of our products, development news and services such as validation and service support, ending with a discussion on current deliveries deadlines and increased shipping costs. Most of the forty participants already knew the MMM brand and very warmly appreciated the personal contact and interest of the manufacturer (MMM/BMT) in their needs and interests. This very well organized event ended with a practical demonstration of the VENTICELL® ECO device and our DEMO panel.

After the end of the presentation, we agreed at a follow-up meeting with Mr. Omar Ramirez, owner of RG Laboratorios, that thanks to the very good acceptance of our devices on this market, long-term references and very well set support from the manufacturer, the entire portfolio of the heating technology products is very promising and equally good or even better results can be expected for 2023.

If we would like to summarize our situation on the market in Mexico, not only thanks to the current exchange rate advantage, a long series of local references, the language readiness of the documentation and devices, but especially thanks to the robust intelligent construction of the devices and contacts built up over twenty years, we can state that the market in Mexico will certainly be one of the key markets for the MMM group in the next few years, not only for the field of heating technology.


13. 12. 2022