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Successful Development of BMT UA

Our subsidiary BMT UA has been operating in the Ukraine for 24 years. Our experienced technicians not only install the devices in the Ukraine, but also help in other countries around the world according to the needs of the MMM Group.

It is no exaggeration to say that we currently provide the best service in our industry in the Ukraine. Due to the growing number of employees and the need for more storage space for active sale of spare parts, our Ukrainian subsidiary has moved to new premises, close to the original office, to which customers were accustomed. Modern offices in significantly larger premises better express our leading position on the market and provide us with space for further development of our activities.

Thanks to our high-quality devices, active marketing and excellent service support, practically all private clinics are currently equipped with BMT and MMM washers and sterilizers, and our devices ensure the operation of some of the most important Ukrainian hospitals. We have also successfully managed a number of deliveries of top BMT and MMM devices (UNISTERI® HP IL, STERIVAP® HP IL, VENTICELL® IL, VAKULAB, FLUIPHARM) for pharmaceutical companies not only in the Ukraine, but also in Belarus or Uzbekistan. Our customers already include about 90% of pharmaceutical companies, which highly value and increasingly use our services in the field of process validation.

After the pandemic of COVID-19, the growth of investments in the healthcare sector and the modernization of the production capacities of pharmaceutical companies are also having a positive effect on the Ukrainian market. This year, we have already won tenders for 4 large contracts, which will be implemented during the second half of 2021, immediately after the completion of the assembly of 60 UNISTERI® HP funded and donated by the WHO for the development of healthcare and laboratories in the Ukraine.

The projects currently being prepared with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and private entities for 2022 provide us with a realistic precondition for successful development of our company in the coming year as well.

25. 08. 2021