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Successful Finishing of Supply for Hospitals in Karlovy Vary Region

25. 7. 2013

The supply of devices to hospitals in Cheb, Sokolov and Karlovy Vary associated under the Karlovarská krajská nemocnice a.s. (Regional Hospital) was finished in the last month.

The projects were performed based on support with financial means from the European Union within the scope of the Regional operation program of the cohesion region North – West. The devices of BMT newly and reliably operate in the above stated plants and after modernisation of the work sites they arrange more user-comfortable environment as well as reliable and trouble-free operation of given departments.

In concrete terms, several devices in the value of millions Czech crowns were installed within the scope of the project. Two steam sterilisers STERIVAP 6612-2 ED were installed in central sterilisation unit and washing disinfector plus water treatment station Goro were installed in surgery rooms of the Cheb Hospital.

The central sterilisation unit in Sokolov Hospital is now proud of top-class steam steriliser STERIVAP 6612-2 ED, completed with formaldehyde steriliser FORMOMAT PL 349-2, manufactured by our parent company MMM.

The Hospital in Karlovy Vary may show off the new washing disinfector in surgery rooms and the department of microbiology obtained a laboratory steriliser with top filling.

Thanks to the above stated realisations we succeed to develop more top-class reference work sites, where the medical staff will have a chance to see our technologies in practice in the future.