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Successful Year in Russian Market Crowned with the Zdravoochraneniye Exhibition in Moscow

10. 1. 2013

The largest and most important exhibition of sanitary equipment Zdravoochraneniye 2012 was held again in Moscow, Russian Federation on 3 – 7 December 2012. Traditionally, the stand of our daughter company BMT-MMM could have been seen in the exhibition. We selected fresh colours for this year and the main motto included symbols putting stress on our efforts for environmental protection. Based on reactions and assessments of our guests it is possible to clearly confirm that they understood our intentions, they liked the design of our stand and we succeeded to deepen their trust in our devices.

In the course of the exhibition, we met many important clients from the whole Russia, including such distant territories, like Kamchatka or Sachalin peninsula. It was highly pleasant to hear definitely positive references to our devices and realised projects of central sterilisation units, creating more and more new business opportunities for us. Our investments in the field of projects preparation and service of our devices in the whole territory of Russia start to bring their positive results.

We also had an opportunity to welcome all our important local partners from Russia, Byelorussia and the Ukraine in our stand. So it was possible to deepen personal relations and connections with dealers and their potential clients on all levels. The year 2012 in Russia was the most successful one for us by now. We succeeded to win many important projects and reach historical sale levels.

E.g. in the first quarter of 2013 we will supply the central sterilisation unit to the hospital in the town Groznyi, known from heavy fights occurring there a few years ago. The area restoration is one of the priorities of the Russian government and we do believe that success in this project realisation will help us to increase prestige and to get more references in the Caucasian region.

Our daughter company continues its highly successful and dynamic growth. At the present moment it employs 36 employees and it became the third biggest company of the MMM Group, following MMM and our enterprise in Brno. Together with Moscow, our function branch office concentrating at sale and service operate even in St. Petersburg (north), Stavropol (south) and Novosibirsk (east, behind the Ural mountains).

We do believe that based on our common efforts there will continue the dynamic development of our daughter company BMT-MMM, the growth of our company image and share in Russian market.