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The Estonian Unit of the Mobile Field Hospital Uses the UNISTERI HP Sterilizers

On April 15, 2019, the largest medical exercises in the history of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) were completed at several sites in Romania under the auspices of the Romanian Armed Forces.

The aim of the campaign was to prepare Romanian health professionals for a proper crisis situation response so that, if necessary, even civilian health workers could help the international units of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces in their operations. The participants of the exercises practiced various basic health care provision procedures, procedures for strategic decision-making regarding the provided care, they increased their health care provision qualifications with a focus on solutions in challenging off-hospital conditions without complete medical equipment, and they also trained the procedures case of in chemical, biological and radiation contamination of the surrounding environment.For example, one of the scenarios was aimed at rescuing the civilians overwhelmed in debris, another one dealt with rescue of people trapped in a high-rise building; another exercise related to skills of the rescue teams regarding finding, evacuation and treatment of underground railway accident victims.

The event was attended by representatives from 38 countries, mostly members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.More than 70 military doctors, ambulances and personnel from the Central Military Hospital in Bucharest, where BMT devices are used, were involved in the exercise. In total, over 300 rescue companies, doctors, medical staff, nurses and volunteers in five locations in Romania participated in the exercise.

The exercises in Romania are a part of a single series of medical exercises in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that are international in nature. They are organized twice a year and always strive to target at current topics and health issues in the military environment.

From the point of view of the company BMT Medical Technology s.r.o., the most interesting performance was that of the Estonian mobile field hospital unit. The prototype of this hospital was created last year only and it includes two Unisteri HP 636-1 devices that were supplied to Estonia in the fall of 2018.

Mobile hospitals usually face problems in securing water and electricity supplies, so we have been discussing potential savings of our steam sterilizers for a long time in the project preparation phase. For sterilizers supplied, the sterilizer software for energy peak monitoring has been modified and successfully tested, making the supplied devices ideal for the given use.

25. 04. 2019