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The Subsidiary Company BMT-USA Continues Successful Development of the Company

21. 11. 2012

This spring, our youngest subsidiary company BMT-USA moved to new production, storage and office premises, which allowed us to start – together with business and service activities – our own final assemblage of large-volume steam sterilisers and their testing with participation of clients.

The first such orders performed for our top-class clients, e.g. pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Baxter in summer clearly and positively confirmed our pre-assumptions and started a new stage of our company development in American market.

In summer and autumn, there was performed the assemblage and tests of other four pieces of large-volume steam sterilizers, this time for alike popular and significant company Boehringer Ingelheim. After finishing the hand over tests, the company representatives expressed their sincere praise. That clearly confirms the top quality of our autoclaves, meeting all and any requirements and expectations of top-class clients in highly competitive environment.

In the forthcoming period of December 2012 - February 2013 there will follow inter alia three large volume sterilizers for the MUHC project in Montreal, we have already sent 19 pieces of laboratory sterilizers STERIVAP HP IL to them this year. That means that this project ranks among hitherto biggest orders in the territory of the USA and Canada.

At the present time, the BMT-USA team includes as many as 15 employees arranging all and any business, service and production activities. There also positively develops the production and supplies of super-clean steam generators for the needs of pharmaceutical companies and specialised laboratories. There have already been sold more than 10 pieces of the devices and based on their assessment by clients, they belong – similarly as our steam sterilizers – to top-class products of this kind in the USA.

For example in August of this year, we supplied the special steam generator together with the Vakulab PL device for our project of modernisation of the plant of the pharmaceutical company Novo-Nordisk in China.

Even the sale of thermal engineering gradually develops in the US territory and it is possible to expect for the year 2013 to bring positive changes in products distribution and numbers of satisfied users in this product field.

The currently ending year 2012 will probably be the most successful year for the BMT-USA. More, the great market potential of the USA and Canada represents many other possibilities for growth of sale, service and our image in the market even in the future.