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Top-Class Hospital of the 21st century – St. Ann´s Hospital in Brno

Festive opening of the new pavilion of intensive medicine of the St. Anne´s Faculty Hospital in Brno (FNUSA) was held on 7 October 2015. The pavilion will include12 chart rooms (6 aseptic and 6 septic ones), with connection to central sterilization unit and postoperative intensive care unit (ICU). The object complexity is completed with emergency and ward block of the Clinic of Anaesthesia and Resuscitation, including a heliport on the roof of the object. After the helicopter landing, an urgent patient is transported by lift for immediate surgery.

Construction of the pavilion of intensive medicine (building O1) continued the 1st stage of the investment event, when the buildings B1 and C1 were opened in 2012, housing the 1st Internal Cardiologic and Neurologic Clinic and the International Centre of Clinical Research. The investment in the total sum of 2,8 milliard CZK was covered mainly from the state budget through the Ministry of Health care, with contributions from the South Moravian Region and budget of the St. Anne´s Hospital in Brno.

„High-tech equipment of central chart rooms (CCR), central ICU and connection to admission room and heliport in one building – all these features provide smoother and faster contact of the health care staff with the acute patient. The health care staff will not have to work in conditions that frequently developed and lasted from the beginning of the last century,“ stated Martin Pavlík, Director of the Hospital, during the festive opening ceremony.

Now, the individual surgery units will move so as to get as close as possible to the individual chart rooms and intensive care units (Clinics of Anaesthesia and Resuscitation, Neurosurgery Clinics, etc.). The move and putting the new premises into operation should be finished in 2016.

New sleep-fill rooms were established at the CCR, where the patients may use consequential anaesthesiology and post-surgery care before being transferred to standard surgery department. The aim is to prevent immediate anaesthesiology and surgery complications. In the new building, in immediate vicinity of health care units, there can be found a unique Simulation Centre designed for teaching of medicine students as well as for education of medical employees of the FNUSA Hospital.

The basement floor of the new building houses a new central sterilisation unit to replace several hitherto operating units in individual clinics in the hospital premises. In this way, the central sterilization unit will become a specialised medical workplace to arrange complex services in preparation of sterile health care means for chart rooms and other medical worksites of the FNUSA Hospital. The aim of the department will include arrangement of high level and quality of health care means sterilization. For this purpose, the Central Sterilization Unit is equipped with large capacity and state-of-the-art devices manufactured by the companies BMT Medical Technology and Miele.

There will operate five steam sterilizers, a large capacity washing and disinfection automat with the volume of 5600 litres manufactured by BMT Medical Technology and five washing and disinfection automats manufactured by Miele. All the devices are inter-connected within the scope of unified documentation of processes by software application DP 3.5 and so there is arranged data collection and continuous monitoring of important devices in the new Central Sterilization Unit. Next year, the FNUSA hospital will celebrate its 230th anniversary. Thanks to construction of the new complex and thanks to its standards, it becomes the hospital of the 21st century. For us, it is the most important reference for several years related to our delivery to the health care industry in the Czech Republic.

08. 01. 2016