NEW - UNICLEAN SLUNICLEAN SL L 170 is designed specifically for installation in limited space as a stand-alone device with front filling, suitable for placement under the desk plate. Simple installation with necessity of electric connection, cold water and sewerage connection can be used mainly in small private practices for thermal disinfection and washing of laboratory glass. After closing the manually open hinged door, the washing process is automatically performed. This small model includes built-in washing and air drying on two levels generally used at large devices. The device is ideal for reduction and elimination of professional risk caused by handling the infectious material.

Basic equipment of washer disinfector UNICLEAN SL L 170

  • stable, resistant stainless steel structure of the device and its outer shell of steel (AISI 304) is characterised by long service life
  • chamber, washing arms and filter tanks of high-quality steel (AISI 316L)
  • manually controlled hinged chamber door of steel
  • inclined chamber bottom avoids water accumulation in the chamber and it speeds up drainage and drying
  • ergonomic control panel built in the device jacket, with black and white two line LCD display, it shows the program phases, current date and time, control temperature and regulation temperature, required temperature of the phase, value Ao – control and regulation, remaining time of the cycle and possible error messages of the device
  • 20 standard washing and disinfection programs and 20 others according to client´s specification



Single door version:
Double (passing trough) door version:

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