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Venticell IL – new large-capacity industrial dryer has been presented

24. 6. 2011

At the end of May 2011, after a several-year lasting patient development and many user consultations, the company management and first customers were acquainted with a completely new MMM Group product – large-capacity industrial dryer for hot-air sterilization and depyrogenation in industrial processes. ....

The 1,500-liter device meets the strictest classified room criteria (ISO 5 and ISO 7). Thanks to the sophisticated heating system, horizontal air flow in the chamber and fuzzy logic control, the device reaches very short process times with high homogeneity. Either one- or two-door devices with semi-automatic door are available. Operator’s comfort is ensured by a 10´´ Siemens color display with an integrated control unit. The first devices from this series have been installed successfully this year and have been operating as reference worksites in the Czech pharmaceutical companies. We are going to present a lower-volume (700 liters) series soon and/or devices with individual chamber size.

Venticell IL Easy – new adjusted no-particle series Our developmental department has adjusted the existing Venticell series to create an economical hot-air sterilizer variant for clean rooms. Specially reinforced door, sealed chamber, separated electronics boards and a number of other adjustments allow Venticell IL Easy installation in laboratories with defined clean rooms. We offer volumes 404 and 707 liters in one-door or pass-through variant. For more information, you can contact your MMM representative.