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Znojmo Hospital opens new facilities

July 19, 2010

The Znojmo Hospital opened new facilities on 26 May 2010, namely the Central Laboratories Centre, Central Sterilization and the Haematology and Blood Transfusion Ward Transfusion Unit. The Grand Opening was attended by the President of the South Moravian Region Mgr. Michal Hašek; Health Care Town Councillor Dr. Oldřich Ryšavý; Znojmo Hospital Director Dr. Miroslav Kavka, MBA; and other guests.

Milestone II - Phase One of the Project to Reconstruct and Complete the Znojmo Hospital was started in October 2008 and completed in May 2010. Phase One focused on the erection of premises for laboratories (clinical biochemistry ward, haematology and blood transfusion ward, micro-biological ward), the Sterilization Centre, for economic and technical administration staff, specialist consulting rooms and for the Central Specimen Room. Reconstruction also included the erection of a new lecture hall.

The completion of this Milestone is yet another major step in what concerns the overall reconstruction of the Znojmo Hospital. Total costs amounted to approximately 470 million CZK. The state budget provided approximately 350 million CZK in funds and the South Moravian Region and the Znojmo Hospital put together about 120 million CZK. In his speech, the President of the South Moravian Region gave a clear YES to reconstruction work continuing and the representatives of the South Moravian Region made clear their support of the reconstruction of the Znojmo Hospital. In his speech, Hospital Director Dr. Kavka thanked everyone who participated in the reconstruction project and who will do so in the future. He emphasized the regional health care importance of the Znojmo Hospital for the South Moravian Region and, in the future, also for the Lower Austria border area.

The introductory speeches were followed by a tour of the new premises, including the Central Sterilization Ward, where we presented our equipment and services given the turn-key complete equipping of the Central Sterilization Ward and the equipping of the new Central Laboratories Centre in the amount of approximately 20 million CZK. The Central Sterilization Ward houses, apart from others, two Sterivaps HP E 6612-2  and one Unisteri 336-2, next to two plasma sterilizers Sterrad 100 S, Sterrad NX 30 and three Miele G 7826 Glassware Washing Systems.

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