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CLIMACELL 404 - EVO line

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  • laboratory incubator – it always creates the right climate
  • chamber volume 404 litres
  • temperature range: from 0°C to 100°C without humidity, from 10° C to 90° C with humidity
  • patented cooling system (environment-friendly working medium R 134a) and air flow in the chamber ensure fast and accurate distribution of the selected temperature and humidity in the chamber and thus the ideal process of sample heating and reduction of moisture condensation in the chamber
  • offers high operation comfort, precise temperature control, possibility of achieving extremely short times of temperature changes and short times of temperature and humidity equalization in the chamber after the door opening
  • suitable for use in research on germs, plant or tissue cultures, insects, stability tests, etc.
  • comfortable design with multi-processor Fuzzy logic control system, controls placed on a foil keyboard, process information displayed on LED display.
  • wide selection of optional equipment and accessories
  • output for connecting a printer or PC
  • possibility of validation (IQ, OQ)
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Technical parameters

Interior of stainless steel material

volume 404 l
depth 530 mm
width 540 mm
height 1415 mm

Volume of the steam space

530 aprox. l

Trays, stainless steel *)

Min. distance between trays 70 mm
number usual 2 pcs
number max. 19 pcs
Storage area (w × d) 520 × 485 mm

Number of outer metal doors

number 1 pcs

Number of inner glass doors

number 1 pcs

Admissible weight of trays

together inside the oven 100 kg
per 1 tray 30 kg

Electricity data

Max. power 2700 W
IP 20
mains 50/60Hz 230 V

Temperature data

Cooling/down time from 22 °C to 10 °C < 19 min
Heating/up time to 37 °C from the ambient temperature 13 min
Working temperature from 0,0 to 100 °C
Working temperature from -20 to 100 °C
Temperature accuracy - in time 0,3 ± °C
Temperature accuracy in time at 10 °C < 1 ±°C
Temperature accuracy in time at 37 °C < 1 ±°C

Recovery time after 30 sec. door open according DIN 12 880

at 37 °C 3 min
at 50 °C 7 min

Relative humidity

range 10–98 %

Heat emission

at 37 °C 123 W

Outer dimensions (incl. Door and handle, and Rollers)

depth 885 mm
width 1100 mm
height 1890 mm


brut cca 390 kg
nett cca 240 kg

Note: All technical data are related to 22 °C of ambient temperature and ±10 % voltage swing rate ventilator 100 %, defrost off, lighting off.

Changes in the design and make reserved.
The values may differ depending on specific charge and media parameters.
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