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EnvironmentAs producers of medical devices with the motto “Protecting human health” we consider the environment protection as one of the most important task of our business. Every year we invest considerable effort and sums to reduce the impact of our products on the environment and to save all kinds of energy. Due to these activities we built e.g. a new paint room on the basis of water soluble varnishes, modernized energetic economy and implemented many other projects. When producing our devices we use only such materials and perform such operating procedures that do no harm to the environment (thermal isolations, cooling media etc.)

  • protecting human health
  • safe and reliable sterilization process
  • use of devices in human and veterinary medicine
  • wide use of our devices in laboratories
  • our devices provide progress in science and research

Our motto “Protecting human health” is the basic rule for us when designing our products and verifying their impact on people, animals and nature, when selecting materials and modernizing our production processes and technology.

In the sphere of design and development the risk analysis is the basic factor. It evaluates all possible risks and checks the efficiency of the implemented eliminating measures. It represents, together with the results of clinical tests, measurements and tests, the guaranty of the safe operation without negative impacts on the environment.

There have been many changes of our products implemented for the purpose of environment protection, e.g. device coatings only on the basis of water-soluble paints, replacing the glass wool insulation by mineral materials causing no harm to health, replacing all asbestos-base thermally insulating materials by new ecological materials, increasing of safety and efficiency of our steam sterilizers by using the two-microprocessor control system Master-Slave, reducing the radiated heat by using a perfect thermal insulation (saving of energy).
When developing new products we lay emphasis on reduction of noise, vibrations, consumption of all kinds of energy and operating media, ergonomics and on the subsequent recycling of products and components after putting them out of operation.

Environmental Policy

Our organisation stands out for reaching the position of a reliable and sought-after company responsibly dealing with the environment and being aware of the necessity of keeping the sustainable growth of the society allowing current and future generations to satisfy their basic life needs without reducing the variability of nature and preserving natural functions of eco systems. Our long-term and permanent aim is to provide high-quality service in the field, fully satisfying the wide range of our clients, with stress put on quality of performed works, with simultaneous fulfilment of all and any legal and other requirements towards work safety and environmental protection.

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